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A Properly Fitted Bra
  1. A properly fitted senior bra will comfortably close on a center hook.
  2. The bra Underwire should never rest on breast tissue. Make sure the bra underwire and center rest firmly on chest.
  3. Manually adjust breasts in bra for best position and comfort. Bra should not be tight or wrinkled.
  4. Try to make sure your bra makes your breasts feel secure at all times.
Senior Bra Troubleshooting Problems
  1. Cup size should be reduced if cups are wrinkled.
  2. Cup size should be increased if breasts spill out of bra.
  3. If bra straps constantly fall down tighten straps, manually adjust breasts or reduce cup size.
  4. If straps are too tight loosen straps, manually adjust breasts, change to padded straps or increase cup size as necessary.
  5. If band rides up tighten the bra band, loosen straps, adjust breasts, go down band size or your bra may be worn out.
  6. A 32C, 34B & 36A are basically the same size; if a 34B is too large of a cup size try a 36A instead.
Caring for your Senior Bra
  1. Always wash your bra in cold water if possible. Heat will break down the elasticity in the bra.
  2. Hand wash or place in lingerie bag, Be as delicate as possible.
  3. Never bleach your bra. You may get the most detestable colors in the end.
  4. Hang dry; heat from a dryer will also break down the elasticity.

Arthritic Front Closing Bra

Arthritic front closing bra is designed to slip on and off with ease. Tired of struggling with tiny hooks? This bra is your answer with only three large flat hooks! An Easy Touch tab in front of each hook guides the hook into its closure. This bra features large finger loops for easy grasping to facilitate dressing. Two fingers and the palm of the hand are all you need to close or open this bra. Terrific for those with limited hand dexterity, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, torn rotator cuff and limited upper arm mobility. Soft cotton interlock blend. Terrific for seniors/elderly with arthritis.

Front Closing Posture Bra

Criss-cross cotton Lycra support bands help reduce shoulder strain, improve posture and provide firm support. Multi-hook front closure. Extra wide plush straps. Soft polyester-cotton cups.

Comfortable Support Bra Vest

The Bra Vest is extremely comfortable! Wide straps team up with a built in firm Lycra bra for support. Super soft 100% quality cotton interlock. Not sure if you want to wear a bra anymore, but need the support and coverage? This bra vest is your answer!

Enjoy the light to medium support of the built in Lycra midriff with the cotton comfort of an undervest.

Cotton Briefs

Because Underwear Should be Comfortable, we offer these healthy quality 100% cotton briefs. They have a band leg for fit and comfort.

Nylon Briefs

Nylon Brief with banded leg and cotton gusset.