Other Information - Disability Clothing

How can Disability Clothing/Apparel help you and/or the one you care for?

The challenges of doing up a button, tying a shoe lace, pulling on a garment are just a few dilemmas that those with physical limitations encounter on a daily basis.

VELCRO® and easy touch button closures allow those with painful muscle joints to effortlessly manipulate and adjust their clothing while dressing or undressing.

When lowered mobility becomes an issue PurpleThreads’ full line of adaptive Disability Clothing offers seated dressing designs to resolve all your dressing challenges.

Disability clothing features easy touch buttons, zipper, and VELCRO® closures for ease of dressing.

Generous cuts and sizing provide the wearer with greater ease of movement and greatly reduces the frustration of limited-mobility dressing.

Ease of dressing features aid in reducing falls by allowing the wearer to dress from a seated position.

Generous back overlaps on adaptive open back disability clothing provide complete coverage for the wearer to stand and transfer with confidence

Best of all, disability clothing provides the convenience of dressing without anyone ever knowing you're wearing special needs clothing! Fashion and functionality all in one!