Other Information - Alzheimer's

How can Adaptive Alzheimer Clothing aid an Alzheimer's patient and/or their caregiver with secondary stages of Alzheimers?

Whether a patient suffering from Alzheimer's dementia resides at home or in a nursing home, the designated caregiver will often experience certain dressing issues:

  • Lifting (back issues for the caregiver)
  • Struggling with a cognitively impaired patient
  • Ease of dressing i.e. Arthritis, painful joints
  • Incontinence (need to constantly change the patient)
Adaptive Alzheimer Clothing Designs are designed to allow the patient to dress without ever having to stand.
  • Garments completely open up allowing the caregiver to slide the garment onto the patient without ever having to raise their arms or struggle with neck openings.
    In addition, they can dress the patient from behind if the patient becomes aggressive.
  • Dome/Snap Closures are placed on the shoulders to avoid pressure points i.e. the person is not sitting or resting on a closure.
  • Open Back Pants allow the person to remain seated and the pants are slid on and dome/snapped at the waist without any weight bearing required.

How can Adaptive Alzheimer Clothing/Apparel aid an Alzheimer's patient and/or their caregiver with Disrobing or Undressing issues found in some later stages of Alzheimers?

Anti-Strip clothing may be the answer for caregivers when repeated undressing or a fixation with undressing becomes a concern

Women's Special Needs One Piece Jumpsuits can help solve Alzheimer's disrobing problems. They feature a strong weave and long heavy duty back zipper to provide even more protection against disrobing. Ties at the back of the neck are secured through a ring-tab which ensures that the wearer is unable to disrobe.

The zipper has a protective plaquet to protect the back. The dolman sleeves and elasticized waist ensure fit and comfort.

Men's Special Needs One Piece Anti-Strip Jumpsuits can help solve compulsive stripping problems with Alzheimer's patients and dementia patients.

The superior adaptive anti-stripping features include extra secure fasteners at back to prevent disrobing. Dome closures and an elasticized back waist. Open fly.