Other Information - Wheelchair Clothing

How will Wheelchair Clothing help you?

Regular clothing can be a nightmare to deal with when your range of motion is limited. Various paralyses can cause wheelchair-bound users difficulty in dressing with regular conventional clothing.

PurpleThreads' Adaptive Wheelchair clothing collection is designed to help because:
  • Clothing slips on and off from a seated or prone position.
  • VELCRO® and easy touch button closures are specially designed for those with arthritis and/or limited dexterity to be easily manipulated and adjusted to suit their needs.
  • Loose fitting adaptive designs allow for freedom of movement and ease of dressing. Pant designs are generous to allow for extra room for sanitary requirements.
  • 3/4 length dresses provide modesty and yet afford easy transfers.
  • Adaptive Open Back designs provide generous overlaps to ensure dignity while standing or transferring wheelchair users.
  • Best of all adaptive apparel is fashionable and bright and no one need ever know it is adaptive!

Adaptive wheelchair clothing fits more comfortably than conventional clothes.