PurpleThreads is the first and only supplier of adaptive clothing in Singapore and the neighbouring region.

PurpleThreads was established to address a need among the elderly and the less-abled within our community. It caters to a specific niche of people with special styling needs that has thus far been neglected.

We seek to address two fundamental issues.
  • First, the need to develop a line of clothing that makes dressing an effortless task instead of an impossible chore.
  • Secondly, a service that enables clients to shop in the comfort of their own homes or in long term care facilities such as nursing homes.

At PurpleThreads we are aware of the challenges faced by those with decreased levels of mobility issues. Careful consideration and awareness of these concerns allow us to provide the best for our customers, so our designs incorporate style with the need for ease of dressing.

Commitment to Service

As the sole provider and market leader, PurpleThreads is dedicated to providing quality service at reasonable prices, 24-hours a day 365 days a year so you can shop with confidence and peace of mind.

PurpleThreads' clothing are specially made and imported from the US and Canada and adhere to the strict safety and flammability standards.